came across this the other day on a random stumble. There is nothing i love more than potent succinctity (i just wish thatwere a word – it says so much more than succinctness). The ability to convey complexity in a just few words or paragraphs is a gift (please note, i am NOT talking about sound-bites, which i regard in general with disdain and as a serious impediment to honest communication). So by rights, i ought to like and appreciate Haiku (which in contemporary western writing, has come to mean a 17 syllable poem usually on 3 lines). They have have a nebulous charm – when they work they can be very powerful. But most of the time, i just find them very pseudy. Which is why I just love this. What more needs to be said:


Space is limited
In a haiku, so it’s hard
To finish what you

Tristan Miller (



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