This is an interesting website – because the Americans DO do God when they vote. Not that we get to cast anything in this election, despite the fact that it affects us all…



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  1. Melinda

    at least the environment is on the agenda…that is a step in the right direction for the religious right at least!

  2. Melinda

    OK – just realised this isn’t a religious right website. But still good to have it recognised that the environment is a religious issue for Christians.

  3. Ross

    Still interesting to see what isn’t there… it seems to me that the issues may well be set by the hot-topics mostly of the religious right in the US even thought his is not the typical right wing site. I mean I like the concept a lot, but it would be interesting wouldn’t it if they worked through scripture and added other issues that the BIBLE – not the media or politicians – talks about e.g. poverty/ economic inequality; immigration (caring for the alien); families and children/ broken families/ children in care; what does it mean to be a peacemaker in the realm of international relations, etc.
    We could then perhaps also judge the candidates sins of omission as well as commission, and congratulate/ encourage them when they speak up about unpopular issues that are nonetheless important. Just a random (perhaps overly radical) thought….

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