This is very weird indeed. Remember David Shayler from a few years back? MI5 operative who came in from the cold to reveal all. Well now he’s claiming to be the Messiah. The news blew in August and he was interviewed in the Times and here on Channel 4 news – but i only got wind of it this week.

The clinching argument (for him) is that on Aaron’s staff in Exodus, there was an inscription which comes out as an anagram of David Shayler, Righteous King (or something like that anyway – i couldn’t quite follow it). I don’t want to be completely nit-picky, but he does actually mistranslate what Messiah actually means. But perhaps that’s a technicality. All in all, he claims:

to be a reincarnation of a Jewish revolutionary named ‘Astronges’… The Jesus of the New Testament is an archetype. Hisname derives from the 13th Name of God in Qabalah, which helps activate the Messiah consciousness within us. I was, though, crucified with a crown of thorns and nails when incarnated as Astronges, a Jewish revolutionary put to death by the Romans at around the end of the last century BC. However, there is no record of Astronges in historical texts. He was most likely referring to Athronges.

While we’re at it – wasn’t quite sure which was the more bizarre report on More 4 news – the Shayler one or the intro snippet for the next report on this video – where the presenter begins ‘Are the British eating too many pies?’ Great to see that More 4 is tackling serious matters of state and debate.

Then just last week, he was interviewed on Sky News (see the whole report here). He warned that people risk their chances of eternal life if they do not take him seriously. He claims that he is the chosen one who has been selected by a higher power to save the planet.

It is absolutely clear to me that the world is going to hell in a handcart. Few would dispute that humanity needs a Messiah to get it through these difficult times. This is all rather embarrassing for someone who was an atheist technocrat three years ago. And I am painfully aware how mad all this sounds.

I am the last incarnation of the Holy Ghost (aka the Holy Spirit) or the Yeshua or Jesus Spirit (aka the Christ consciousness). As the Holy Spirit is God incarnate as essence, I am God incarnated as spirit and man.

The interesting thing in all this is that he is following the logic of his convictions precisely – if the Universe is changing shape (whatever that means) then it must be warned! If humanity is to be judged according to response to the messiah spirit of Yeshua, then it should be warned. However mad it all sounds.Which of course it does.

No wonder people in Jesus’ day drew with the same conclusions – he’s out of his mind or he’s out to deceive. (cf Mark 3:20-34) The key issue, though, is whether or not a messiah-claimant has the evidence and credentials to support his claim. Jesus of Nazareth had those in spades (see a fascinating range of articles on this issue on the BeThinking site). Not quite convinced that Shayler, David Icke, or anyone else for that matter, comes anywhere close. But perhaps I’m just missing something somewhere.


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  1. Mark (Not Meynell)

    They’re always the last incarnation / prophet / messiah aren’t they? You never get one going, oh yeah, I’m a reincarnation of Jesus, but I’m not the last one, I mean we’ll probably get a few more after me who’ll do a bit of a better job.

    Not that that’s really the start nor end of their pride though.

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