the current front of Selfridges – i just liked the colours!


dsc02737.jpgwe took the kids to the Blue Peter Prom at the Albert Hall – all quite jolly. but quite surreal to see Bruce floating above it yesterday. i know it gives them free advertising, but i couldn’t help being rather amused by the contrast – after all the Albert Hall (as it proudly states around the base of the dome) was “erected for the advancement of the arts and sciences”. But now this gets trumped by Die Hard 4.0 of all things.
This picture was taken on Friday night from St George’s Heights – just next to All Souls and the BBC – i particularly like the purply light opposite.
Finally, opposite the RAH of course proudly stands the Albert Memorial. Very fine in its recently restored Gothic Revival gold splendour. But rather disconcertingly, i couldn’t quite get out of my mind another gold statue of a national figure, albeit one without such gravitas, dignity or authority as Prince Albert – Turkmenbashi himself (see various previous posts).

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  1. Ross

    Not sure I agree with the “gravitas, dignity or authority as Prince Albert” comment – how much do you know about him? From what I know of him and his life he wasn’t a shining example of a sacrificial servant hearted husband and certainly no democrat, or even advocate of a meritocracy.
    On another note, I like the colours in Selfidges too!

  2. Ross

    Talking of colours and the arts, I do think your current quarentia banner above is a bit Harry Potter spooky/ moody (I do like the colour scheme). Did you take it when there were Dementors about?

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