Came across this interesting page on the Wycliffe Bible Translators’ site. The idea is to have a go at what they are having to do all the time – in other words, decipher and systematize languages that have never been written down or analysed in this way before. Here you have to work out from a few very simple sentences the meanings of words in the northern Ghanaian language of Kusaal. Click on the image below:


And while we’re on the subject, it’s worth remembering that there are thousands of languages in the world, a huge proportion of which don’t have a Bible translation at all. The task is huge, but progress is happening. graphofscripturegrowth.gif graphofprojecttypes.gifgraphoftranslationsinprogress.gifgraphofnewtranslationsbydecade.gif
These graphs are a bit out of date but found from a link on the Wycliffe site to an interesting resource about bibles around the world.

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  1. Mark (Not Meynell)

    I had a go at those grammar tests, and I did fine. But only I feel because I’ve attended Mark’s excellent NT Greek Classes, and now understand things such as cases, and tenses that cover more than just time. You too could do the same if you had signed up to such an amazing thing!

    Now maybe he won’t pick on me so much.

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