I’m grateful to my brother for pointing this out and he got it from another blog out there. I couldn’t resist joining in.

If you wanted to get from Washington DC (or anywhere else in the USA for that matter) to Marble Arch in the centre of London without using any form of public transport, and you were wondering which route to take, a very natural and reasonable course of action to take would be to check out Google Maps (that handy, ever-useful and soon to be accessible from the Apple iPhone, online tool). Type in your departure and destination details and away you go. Fantastic.

There’s just one hitch. You may smell a rat before checking out the individual steps when you discover that the journey takes nearly a month. When you get to step 21, you will see why – you might get a little more than you bargained for. Click the image below to get it in all its glory.


It is all very logical of course – except for the perverse decision to avoid landfall at Land’s End or at least a port along the south coast. Perhaps it has something to do with the grim traffic (i.e. caravanners) you get all summer on those tiny West Country roads (especially the A303). Though i can’t imagine northern France is much better.

capturedata7556053.png capturedata4586501.png

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  1. Sarah

    So, swim for for 3,426 miles. Good. The only hold back I see there is – how do you swim whilst towing a car?

  2. markmeynell

    surely it could be used as quite a handy buoyancy aid…? One that you can share as well with your fellow passengers

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