phil-campbell-joy.jpgI’ve not done this on the blog before but feel led to doing it this time – here is an album that you simply have to get. Phil Campbell’s debut album JOY. It’s out now on iTunes and is due for CD release on 12th March (pre-order on Amazon). Phil is a member of our church but don’t let that put you off. It was recorded in a home studio with him playing all the instruments except bass. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for its grit – it comes across as heartfelt and deeply personal. There is realism and honesty to these songs, as well as a unique voice and sound, a gripping range of musical tones, lyrics that actually make sense and make you think. I’ve been listening to it over and over again since Monday and find new things each time. I particularly like After the Garden, Cold Engines and Isn’t She Beautiful. But take it from me – there isn’t a duff track here – and I’m not just saying that because i know him.


Check out Phil’s website. You can also read a great interview with Phil from last week’s Sunday Times.

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