Am now sitting in a wireless hotspot in Vienna airport killing time while i wait the London connection. Blink and it’s all been finished.

But its been a great time. Have met some fantastic people as ever – something that delegates of Langham conferences the world over seem to have in common – perhaps it is a pre-requisite. Many of these folks are working in very tough and isolated circumstances, with inevitably demanding pastoral challenges. But there was a humour and lightness that characterised the conference, so much so that one could be forgiven that many of them don’t have a care in the world. Very challenging.

img_6839.jpgVery exciting to see the joy at receiving books from Langham Literature – familiar books to many ministers in the west, but these were translated into Albanian through an amazing local Christian publisher called Romeo (he’s the bearded guy in the middle of the back row)
One or two weird things since being in Albania:


  • I was happily wearing my cherished Oakes hoody (a treasured possession which i have worn in many countries – a gift from the guys at the Christian youth holiday centre in Sheffield, run by some good friends, Dan & Billy Thaw – check out their website). When up comes this American guy who says that HE knows the Oakes and htat some good friends from the US have gone to work there. Can’t remember either his or their names – but weirdly small world (cliche alert)Grim photo though (here with one of the interpreters, Gensi)woods-albania6.jpg
  • I spotted a petrol station on the way to Tirana Airport (which, interestingly for a 70% Muslim country, is called Mother Theresa airport) – it’s brand name was KASTRATI – the mind boggles.
  • It always seems to happen (see Peru trip last November) – I’ve been here during elections – candidates’ posters absolutely everywhere. Didn’t see any of the candidates themselves this time though.
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    1. Mark

      Now why couldn’t that last photo be your facebook photo?

    2. Mark (Not Meynell)

      Also, re: above, it’s not that what you said wasn’t much more interesting or important than your facebook photo, but the first rule of commenting on someone’s website is that it has to be at best tangentially related to what they actually said. Not unlike sermon illustrations or youth work ice-breakers.

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