Well, i know it is a little bit of self-promotion, but it is not everyday that one manages to be an extra in a Hollywood movie. The Last King of Scotland, based on Giles Foden’s book novel about Idi Amin, was made into a film in 2005, during our last few months living in Kampala. A number of friends ended up as extras because they needed ahost of ex-pats in the film. I’m an international journalist at a press conference with Amin – apparently John Simpson and Jon Snow were actually there, so i like to think of myself as the latter.

Here are a few stills:

mm-in-lkos.jpg mm-in-lkos_2.jpg mm-in-lkos_1.jpg

In the last still, i’m sitting behind the author, Giles Foden, who has a cameo as one of the journalists. All quite fun. The next thing on the agenda is to have my own entry in the Internet Movie Database – anyone know how that can be arranged…?

You can see the video clips if you go to the film’s official website HERE. Then click on video in the menu (top right when the full page comes on) and then go to the clip called ‘Economic Aid for the British’.

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