yes, i know – it sounds pretty pseudy – but i like it anyway. it’s a latin word which basically means ‘the searching’ or ‘seeking’. a christian thinker called Anselm wrote a very long time ago of

fides quaerens intellectum

– which means ‘faith seeking understanding’ – that’s pretty awesome i think. it pretty much sums me up a lot of the time. there is so much i don’t understand about God, life, the bible, myself – but i trust that in time, my understanding will grow, with His, others’ and your help. we’re all in this together. as we start out, i sincerely hope that the collective musings will come in handy for you as we work it all out together.

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  1. Francis Odeng

    Thank you for getting me informed about this blog. Well I tell you it is very informative for me who has never been to Latin America either. Sure it feels strange to learn that in another part of this world things are almost the same like in my back yard. I am looking forward to getting more as you feel in the gaps. I am a more political creature and would want to get something in that direction in order to try and make sense of the poverty. It already appears to me that the situation may not be that bad espeically when you mention that the streets look much better than in Uganda /Kampala.

  2. Antony Billington

    Hi Mark – Good to see you blogging. You’re on the RSS feed, so I’ll be checking regularly. Every blessing – Antony

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