LP Romania consultation in July 2008 (Dani is in the centre, on far side in light-blue short-sleeve shirt)

I can’t quite believe it but I first met Dani Oprean 12 years ago now, during my first visit to Romania. We had little idea how the seeds sown during that consultation would germinate – but now the Langham work in that country is one of our most developed and well-spread. This is in large part due to Dani’s tireless efforts over the years, particularly in notching up many weeks on the road annually in order to visit participants and the small groups. He is a remarkable colleague and friend.

So it was devastating to hear at the start of this week that he and his wife Nuța lost absolutely everything in torrential floods. Quite apart from the additional psychological impact in this Covid19-season (they would certainly have been killed had the waters risen while they slept), there is the massive logistical and financial headache they now face in a country where there really is very little social security (the average monthly wage is €660/$740/£600, which of course is inevitably greater than the average for those in ministry).

So I’ve set up a JustGiving site (click here or the JustGiving image below) and pulled together this very rough and ready video of local news and their clean-up. We’d love to raise enough to get them back on their feet… After only 24 hours we’re already 10% of the way towards our first target…

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