If you find yourself talking about nature in poetry, it is inevitable before too long that Seamus Heaney (1939-2013) is going to crop up. He was a master: prolific and powerful poet, Nobel Literature Prize laureate, Oxford Professor of Poetry, versatile translator of epics, a truly prophetic voice.

So it’s good to come to him. These are not necessarily the most well known or beloved, but I like particularly them – all  drawn from Faber’s posthumous anthology, New Selected Poems 1988-2013.

So here goes.

Virgil in the Bardo museum, Tunis
The poet Virgil (in the Bardo Mosaic Museum, Tunis)

Images used in the video

  • Claude (Lorrain) ca 1645: Coast View with Apollo and Cumaean Sibyl (The Hermitage, St Petersburg)
  • Mosaic of the poet Virgil (Bardo Mosaic Museum, Tunis)
  • Photo of Snowy Iowa road by Jsayre64
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