I’ve not stopped writing! I’m just writing loads of things elsewhere so inevitably it’s been a challenge to keep up with things on the blog. They’ve been in the pipeline for a while so it’s good finally to have them out there. Here are the links:

  • Should Pastors admit they have depression: a piece for Gospel Coalition. Unfortunately, it’s slightly truncated (for reasons of space presumably) so it comes across a little more bluntly than I intended. But the point still stands.


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  1. psycchristian

    Thanks really enjoyed the post on ‘Uncle John’. I look back on how fortunate I was to hear John Stott preaching regularly at the very start of my Christian life. I started out knowing next to nothing – but so much of my Christian life was shaped by his books and preaching in that early period as a student.

    1. quaesitor

      really glad to hear it!

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