I’ve just returned from a few days in Denmark, staying with friends while speaking at a conference for Christian students.

My hosts in Aarhus really went the 2nd mile for me, making sure that I had the chance to take in everything in the area. It was fantastic. And, of course, it never rains in Denmark.

The highlight was an installation I’d heard about a few years back but had never taken in exactly where it is. Olafur Eliasson is a fascinating creator, renowned in this country for his wonderful Weather Project at the Tate Modern.

At the recently rebuilt Aarhus Art Museum, he created a huge, circular glass corridor added to the building’s roof. And each pane is tinted a different colour of the rainbow. Walking around it is mesmerising, colouring every corner of the city in a different shade. It had an infectious sense of exuberant joy.

So here is a little video I put together to give an impression.

Here is a little collection of other scenes from the week on Flickr.

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