I’ve been thinking about this for a while – and was spurred finally to do something about it after the inspiring Memorial Service at St Paul’s Cathedral on Friday. It was a great service – the most affecting were the tributes from Frances Whitehead and Ruth Padilla DeBorst as they felt the most personal. But it was good to have input from Africa and Asia as well as Latin America, and a very apt sermon from Bishop Tim Dudley-Smith.

So this new JRWS Archive Page will be a work in progress. I hope to add any other resources that people come up with (especially if they are online and free) – do send them in. The memorial site is an obvious place to start – but it hasn’t got everything out there… do pass the word around and send in any links.

If there are links in other languages, then it would be good to include them as well in time.

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  1. Dave Roberts

    Thanks, Mark! Saw you at the Memorial service but you were busy talking as was I, catching up with some people I hadnt seen in years! Best word I could come up for it was majestic – honouring to God primarily but then also to Uncle John…

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