So at last, the time has come. The time for the announcement of the prizes. The Virtual Crunchie can be printed off and enjoyed at your leisure.

There were some excellent entries. And so I felt duty-bound to aware a number of prizes in two categories: Topical and Exegetical. Runners up are honour-bound to share their crunchie with someone else. I’ll know if you eat the whole thing yourself.

The Papandreou Prize for Topicality

given in recognition of a caption’s relevance to the current Eurozone crisis:

  • Runner Up: In order to beat the current economic crisis, the government called a group of great Greek thinkers to put their heads together in parliament. At least one delegate suggested that they didn’t have a leg to stand on. (Andrew Finden)
  • Winner: Now more than ever it’s clear the Greeks never had a head for numbers. (“Robin van Persie”)

The Apollos Prize for Exegeticality

given in recognition of a caption’s appreciation for the context of the original Corinthian correspondence.
  • Runner Up: The feet cannot say to the head “I have no need of you”. (Hugh)
  • Winner: Applying Paul’s instructions on ‘headship’ was open to different interpretation from Day 1. (Chris Green)
Honourable mention in despatches (because it amused me): Nate Morgan Locke who “misread it as ‘Corinthian decapitation competition’”.
Well done  all.

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