One or two have asked for this, so here it is: the first of 3 talks given in the gaudy riot of Pugin-inspired colour that is Parliament’s Undercroft Chapel. This is a group that meets mostly weekly under Christians in Parliament. The next two are on 15th and 29th November. We’d decided to do 3 sessions from the opening chapters of Paul’s extraordinary and thoroughly contemporary first letter to the Corinthian church.

It struck me that the recent media storm that arose around the Occupy LSX and St Paul’s Cathedral fitted very perfectly for the point Paul was making in 1Cor 1:18-25. Or least, Richard Coles’ fascinating reflection on it all in Guardian Online last weekend. And it raises important challenges for how we’re to face the future when we have a message that simply can’t be spun well. But as I say in the talk, just because something is unspinnable, it doesn’t mean it is unbelievable… nor does it prevent it being the greatest message in history.

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