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21st Century

Q Marks the Spot 163 (May 2022)

Sacred Treasure When Christianity and Nationalism mix… no I’m not talking about Trump… but Patriarch Kiril – this is terrifying. The wake-up calls that helped

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art & painting

Echoes from Eternity 18. John Donne

John Donne’s poetry is often difficult, sometimes perplexing and troubling, but always rewarding if closely attended to. He completely loses me quite often. But I

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18th Century

On MLK, #MeToo, and the possibility of Pride in the Flawed

Does the legacy of a heroic struggle for justice cover over a multitude of sins?
Or does the iconic hero’s fatal flaw render him and, perhaps even his legacy, leprous?
Is it ‘one strike and you’re out’ or might the twitteratti just possibly permit nuance and, dare I say it, complexity?

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