Revisiting U2’s No Line on the Horizon

This post is not exactly in the heat of the moment. But because the site for which I wrote the article is no longer in action, I presumed that the world needed the benefit of its insights (hoho) and so thought I'd repost, albeit with the notes from the talk I've given a few times based on it.

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The Black Dog (10 years on) 5: THE INSENSIBILITY OF FAITH…

It's been very moving to have messages in the last few days about my black dog posts. Thank you! At least it shows that it's been worth it. As I mentioned in the first post, I'm genuinely not motivated by the kind of confessional culture that is all around us; still less am I trying to elicit sympathy. And I'm definitely not seeking advice or support (kind though some offers have been!). It is only to help those who don't quite have the words for this yet. But I do realise that it's raised lots of questions for some...

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