Friday Fun 19: Steve Turner’s MY DAD

All is not what it at first seems. It starts out like the classic boast of the school playground. But the playground is certainly not where it all ends…

Steve Turner is a wonderful poet whose poems always twist and jive with the best of them. I just wish he’d get back on the case and write some more… Get on with it, Steve!!

So here’s  My Dad, taken from his first collection for (not just) children, The Day I Fell Down The Toilet and other poems. (more…)

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Friday Fun 15: Some New Yorker gems

I don’t just read the New Yorker for the cartoons… honest.

Well… they are a big part of its joy… So here are a few recent gems… I especially liked the guy who always manages to get a train-seat. I’d only add that if you want a whole carriage to yourself (even during rush hour on the London underground) just wear a dog-collar.

That’ll get them fleeing for their lives. (more…)

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Some stop-motion silliness in Sicily

Here was a bit of fun from our holiday in Sicily – a stop-motion jolly directed by my son Joshua, involving my parents, me and my children plus my brother! Perhaps a new movie dynasty is born…

Having failed to come up with the goods yet again last Friday, I suppose you could say that this counts as a bit of delayed Friday Fun … on Monday…


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Friday Fun 10: Who ever said text-speak was new?

It’s everywhere – you’d better get used to it. It’s a language we all must learn – both to be able to understand messages sent to us and to avoid ending up paying far too much for text messages. But the interesting thing is that the language of text-speak did not originate with the mobile phone and SMSs. It’s been around for around 150 years!


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