Dawkins, ‘Pragmamorphism’ and the scientific vandalism of executing Saddam

When a fellow-scientist brands Richard Dawkins naïve you sit up and notice. But that’s exactly what Emanuel Derman has done. I didn’t know anything about Derman before, but it seems that he has rather an intimidating CV: he is a theoretical physicist, economist AND successful businessman originally from South Africa. All of which gives him a rather unique angle on a topic to which I’ve frequently returned on Q: the nature of being human (e.g.see Fritz Kahn’s Industrial Palace or the Nothing Buttery Rant). (more…)

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Breaking the chains of consumerism

My boss Hugh has just completed an epic 4-part series at All Souls entitled "Cash and the Christian". Each talk is based on an episode in Luke's gospel (for Luke is especially concerned both for the marginalised and the pitfalls…

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The Undefended Life

I'm fascinated by new attempts at publishing and distributing media. And when it is done to spread good stuff, all the better. So it's good to plug the blog of an old friend of mine, Simon Walker, with his Undefended…

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Trueman on Fools and Monkeys in the Blogosphere

He's nothing if not forthright. But Carl Trueman is a scarily close to the bone in this (largely justifiable) rant about the absurdities, conceits and self-promotions prevalent in the Christian blogosphere - not unrelated to the subject of a couple…

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Bonhoeffer – Who Am I?

Read this the other day. Was stopped in my tracks and struck dumb by its simple power. Written by Bonhoeffer while in a Nazi prison for his part in a failed attempt to assassinate Hitler. He was executed in Flossenburg…

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The Depression Epidemic (at CT)

And while we're on Christianity Today (see previous post), the focus this month has been on what they've provocatively headlined 'The Depression Epidemic'. There's actually quite a lot of helpful stuff there. The main article is interesting, but i found the…

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Euthanasia in Oregon: Rights or duties?

Is this alarmist rhetoric or a salutary lesson from Oregon? Euthanasia is a tricky one. It is emotive. And it is hard to gain a hearing for theological arguments in a secularising society. But any good case needs a hearing.…

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