U2 wordles – complete!

To coincide with the launch of a Quaerentia page totally dedicated to U2, here is this... You're going to think I'm completely mad, sad and probably quite dangerous to know after this. But I've now done a wordle for each of…

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U2’s NLOTH spiritual resonances (pt 1)

Am prepping for an updated talk on U2 at the ELF in Hungary this year – so obviously paying close attention to the new album, No Line on the Horizon. Here are a few biblical & spiritual resonances that I’ve picked up. There are probably gazillion others. Various bods out there are saying that it is one of their most Christian albums to date – and various obsessives are doing this sort of thing. So for what it’s worth, here’s my stab at a contribution. If I’m onto something with even half of these references, it is pretty exciting. And I have a bit a of a theory to do with the hymn Amazing Grace(more…)

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U2’s BBC rooftopgig

Awesome. U2 live for free!! Having picked up news yesterday that U2 were going to be doing a live gig on the BBC roof (as part of today's BBC U2 day), there was great excitement in our household. So a…

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