Before getting into the general treasure, here are a couple of notices. Opportunities for purloining your own treasure as it happens.

Inklings and Yarnspinners

Yay! I’ve opened an online 2nd-hand bookshop. Check it out and see what exciting Christmas presents you could now avail yourself of.

Liz Meynell Art

My other has done the same thing – though not so much verbal as visual treasure. She’s an artist and is offering a bunch of her work online for charity. What’s not to love

Sacred Treasure

Topical Treasure

  • Not that topical but pretty fun – 14 things I bet you didn’t know about Norway.
  • Weather is amazing – and perhaps we’re going to have to get used to more of it! But this boggles. A ‘microburst’ over a lake in Carinthia, Austria:

Quirky Treasure

My Ko-fi button

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