Regulars will know that I’ve been doing increasing amounts with the fair friends of the Rabbit Room in Nashville. So today, a couple more bits or bobs.

First up, there are 3 more 5&1 Classical music playlists:



This weekend sees the end of access to all the video elements of Hutchmoot Homebound (the annual Rabbit Room bonanza, online this year for obvious reasons). So I can now post my contribution, a filmed interview with the great and generous Malcolm Guite. Well, I enjoyed it, certainly. And there’s real treasure here – definitely worth an hour of your time, even if you don’t quite ‘get’ poetry; or perhaps especially if you don’t. Such a helpful corrective to the depleting, if not downright dehumanising, distortions of post-Enlightenment life. 

And while you’re at it, get hold of some of his books mentioned, why don’t you:

Then there’s also this little gem.

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