The news from Beirut this week was horrendous.

It was all just so NEEDLESS. A catalogue of criminality, responsibility-avoidance coupled with the impotence of those who were concerned because they could see there was a problem. For a country in such imperilled circumstances as Lebanon is already facing, a disaster like this, at their primary port, is nothing less than catastrophic.

But don’t take it from me. Here is a friend, Trivina, daughter of amazing Langham colleagues Riad & Izdihar Kassis, made this short video. But what is truly inspiring is that she finds grounds for hope even in the midst of it all.

Some dear friends who live in Beirut (but just happened to have been on leave in the UK in the last week or so) are very involved in this church in the city, Resurrection Church Beirut. What an apt name for those who can cling to hope in the midst of such horror. They have now got a bunch of projects to help rebuilt. So please consider contributing to them:

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  1. Mary Miller

    What a wonderful testimony by that lovely girl. Doesn’t it prove that there is a God, who, in a disaster like this, brings out actions in so many about which our Lord spoke.

  2. wilson

    Lord Jesus Bless Lebanon!

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