Today’s reading is neither poetry nor fiction but is prose of a different sort. It is one of C. S. Lewis’s great essays, one which feels more relevant today than ever. But it will make you think a fair bit. But it will do you some good, I promise!

In our age of tweet-shaming and de-platforming, which are becoming a frightening fast-track to stopping free speech (albeit for often very understandable reasons), Ezekiel Bulver is in rude health. In fact, he’s never felt better.

Who is this bizarre character, you cry? Well, allow Jack Lewis to explain. He is a curse who truly needs silencing. This essay was written in 1941 and has been published in various collections – mine edition comes in the anthology, Compelling Reason. This reading is a little longer than normal, but do stick with it.

80 years on, we must identify and neutralize Bulver!

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