In a couple of months, I’ll be leading a study day here in Maidenhead on postmodernism and stuff, revamping and updating old material that led to writing A Wilderness of Mirrors. It’s been a while since I worked on it, but man (!) has there been a tonne of stuff that could easily be included. The Year of our Lord 2016 being a case in point: a more visual-aidy year I could not have invented.

The idea is to go on a worldview journey – hugely broad, generalised brushstrokes, of course, but this helps to see why people think they way they do today (including millennials and individualism, #MeToo and identity politics, church abuse scandals and the like, and perhaps even Brexit and Trump).

We’ll cover the major shifts in European thinking, from the ‘Premodern‘ Middle Ages, via the Renaissance, Reformation and Enlightenment to Modernity (crudely defined as 1789-1989) and then to Postmodernity (or Late Modernity, or Post-modernity, if you will – yup, there’s a difference). Ambitious and so inevitably doomed – but hopefully a tad useful.

The day will look like this:

Saturday 22nd June 2019
09:00Doors open & coffee/tea
09:30Session 1
11:15Session 2
12:30Lunch (bring your own)
13:30Session 3
Coffee/tea for those who want to chat

It’s open to anyone, but you need to book in online here (tickets are a snip at £5 to cover costs).

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