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We are looking at ways to add value to the publication of What Angels Long To Read yesterday.

So the first element of this is to make the graphics I made for the book (see right) available for download, in exchange for a gift to Langham Literature, the publishers.

LL is a charity not a business, and so all income goes towards its aim of serving Christian publishing around the world. You can find out more here. But it’s a unique organisation, remarkable by any benchmark. It is not simply about distributing books to leaders and seminaries around the world (which was John Stott’s aim when he started it), but also is involved in publishing, encouraging and training writers to write in their mother tongues, supporting and training indigenous publishing houses, and other global initiatives such as Hippo Books that serves Christian Publishing in Africa, and the various regional one-volume Bible commentaries.

It’s breathtaking really, and a real privilege to be tangentially involved with it.

So please consider giving generously here… 


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