So at last, after several years in the making, my latest book is out today!

It was first mooted around 5 years ago, I think. And to begin with, the focus was just going to be on the gospels. But when Chris Wright’s SWEETER THAN HONEY came out, covering the whole of the OT, mine somehow expanded into a treatment of the whole of the NT.

The main challenge has been to ensure that it crosses cultures. My initial draft didn’t quite manage that – especially because it contains 4 sample sermons (one for each genre) and I tend to be quite colloquial and idiom-filled. It makes me blush to think of it, but in my very first version, I even had the phrase, “we’re just going to have to bat on here otherwise everything will go pear-shaped.” Not sure how that would have translated into any language.

But the really good news is that (in contrast to most contemporary publishers), the e-book version is a LOT cheaper than the paperback. £3,99 instead of £9.99.

Tomorrow, I will post some real downloadable goodies from the book for you to use in whatever way you wish… see you tomorrow!

In the meantime, check out the book’s microsite here.

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