QCA Audiobook.jpgWell, I didn’t even know that this was on the cards – but it seems that my short book WHAT MAKES US HUMAN (available in print and as an ebook from the Good Book Co) has now been produced in by ChristianAudio as an audiobook.

The reader is Derek Perkins who is one of the very best – so that’s fantastic. And he’s a Brit too so that helps – would have felt quite odd to have my stuff read by another nationality! (My ONLY quibble is that he kinda mangled my surname – but he’s by no means the only one.)

In fact, while I’m at it, I’m going to take the opportunity here and now to tell everyone how MEYNELL is pronounced: ready?

it rhymes with kennel or fennel – with a silent Y as in Reynolds).

Got it now?

The great news is that the very nice people at ChristianAudio have given me 5 vouchers for a free download of the book. HURRAH!

So I’m going to offer these to the 5 best entries in the latest (if irregular) instalment of Q Competition Time.

You have until midnight on Saturday 30th January (i.e. a week) to submit the wittiest answer to the following question:

I feel less than human

when I lack _________!

The 5 winners will then be announced on Sunday 31st January.

So come on everyone, let’s get witty…

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