Many people wanted to know more about the short clip I played during my sermon this morning. So i’m posting it here. I only came across it this week, through twitter (needless to say), but it fitted perfectly with the passage I was speaking on: Luke 2:67-80 and Zechariah’s song.

The five minute film was made by a bunch of New Zealanders, called St Paul’s Arts & Media and is beautifully and powerfully made. Definitely worth making it go viral

For those interested, the outline of the talk went like this:

Zechariah only talks about his newborn son in passing (v76) but spends most of his song talking about Mary’s son. Because his birth will mean:

1. The Birth of the Royal Heir

  • v70: An ancient prediction
  • v72: An ancient covenant
  • v73: An ancient oath

2. The Birth of the Saving Hope (v74)

3. The Birth of the Light of Peace (v78-79)

Talk can be downloaded here

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