I can’t remember who told me about these, but they’re fab. The Open University Religious Studies is obviously plugging its wares – but fair enough. The results are wonderful and very useable in all kinds of places I suspect – wryly humoured animation with the added bonus is the wonderfully-suited satirical voice of David Mitchell.

Religion As Social Opiate

Despite his being an economist, Marx had a view or two on the subject – which unfortunately proved prettyinfluential

Religion As Socially Useful

When society ‘matures’ to the point of not needing to believe in God, it’s still useful to keep religion’s husk (e.g. the likes of Alain de Botton) – otherwise, who knows what might happen to society

Religion as Matriarchy

Want to know where the Gaia hypothesis has its origins…? Look no further…

Religion as Viral Infection

It’s palpably obvious that religion is a load of !&*%@*&£? – so how on earth do you explain its current popularity and even growth. Oh, I know. It’s a virus! That’s cleared that up, then.

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    Some great short videos from the Open University on Mark Meynell’s blog which are not only fun but also thought-provoking.

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