For today’s Friday Fun, I thought it worth quoting in full a little poem full of wit, perception and depth…

TIJABP by Dave Winer

I’d like to propose a new acronym. TIJABP.
This. Is. Just. A. Blog. Post.
In other words, this is not the US Constitution or the Declaration of Independence.
Or the Treaty of Versailles or even legally binding.
It’s not Hey Jude or Beethoven’s 9th.
Not Catcher In The Rye or Annie Hall.
And it’s definitely not the 10th inning of Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. (Yo Mookie!)
It’s just a blog post, so read it that way.
Twas written quickly, by one (busy) person, who then moved on to something else.

HT to John Naughton

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