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  1. John Allister

    On the periodic table, Jo for both Joshua and Jonah isn’t ideal. And Lamentations as wisdom? And I struggle to see the point of the periodicity to it… But nice idea.

  2. Kip' Chelashaw


    Like every illustration this has it’s limitations/weakness but it is a brilliant simple tool which can help geeky types (Chemistry students?) and those that love pictorial summaries – I love it and thanks Rev’d Meynell for spotting these resources.


  3. Jeremy Myers

    Thanks for the mention about those CS Lewis tips. He was a great writer, and we can all learn from him!

  4. Brigid of Kildare

    thanks for that gem – working with the bible and on biblical topics (SU you know) I’m always in search for things like that (and one can always adjust it) – here’s another amazing idea put into graphs:

    but maybe you know it already. just in case you do another ‘Bible in 4 hours’ 🙂 would be great as a 3D model…

    1. quaesitor

      yes – that’s a great one – i’ve been meaning to blog about it for ages, because i want to compare it with an atheist equivalent which shows all the bible’s apparent contradictions.

  5. John

    Re Peter Hitchens and happiness

    Happiness is the Conscious Light of the world.

    Happiness is the now-and-forever Mystery that IS the Real Heart and the Only Real God of every one.

    ALWAYS remember that your inherent heart-disposition wants and needs Infinite, Absolute, True, Eternal Happiness.

    Which is also to say that if Peter was really Happy with a capital H his essentially benighted politics would be altogether different.

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