George Canningwas Foreign Secretary, and briefly Prime Minister. But he is also credited with this little work of genius (which is perhaps one of his most lasting legacies).

A Riddle

There is a word of plural number
A foe to peace and tranquil slumber.
Now any word you chance to take
By adding “S”, you plural make;
But if you add an “s” to this,
How strange the metamorphosis!
Plural is plural then no more
And sweet, what bitter was before.

What is the word?

Can you solve this without googling it?!

Standard Q reward for the first to answer: A virtual crunchie bar

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This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. Nick Fortescue

    cares? I promise I didn’t google

  2. quaesitor

    Hi Nick – yes, the Crunchie is yours! Well done…
    I suggest you just print off the image and then frame it, courtesy of Q

  3. Nick Fortescue

    I’ll treasure it always …

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