Just back from a week over New Year in the glorious Derbyshire Peaks. We walked up Dovedale several times over the week, including a wonderful ascent (which makes it sound far grander than it really was!) of Thorpe Cloud just as the sun was setting. Truly magnificent. I can assure you that no filters have been used in the production of these images…

A hatched together panorama from Thorpe Cloud looking due west:

Some views along Dovedale:

Then some from earlier in the week

Click here to see the whole set

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  1. Ah, you should have called in! This valley makes me think either of Prince Caspian, or of orcs chasing the Fellowship through the trees!

    1. i completely see what you mean – it’s a magical place

  2. You see, the north ain’t so bad…

    1. when did i ever say it was?! after all we only lived up the road for 4 years!

  3. Hi,
    What a beautiful looking place, looks ideal so peaceful. Really nice photo’s.

  4. Thanks for these photos, it’s a beautiful spot, used to live not too far away from it and loved going to it.

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