Last week, I had the joy of a 24 hour-get-together with some old friends at a place just outside Oxford – at Boar’s Hill in fact. It was a place of many happy memories when I worked after graduating in Oxford – and came out to the hill for the odd picnic. It is the spot from which the dreaming spires are most famously captured. And the autumnal colours were especially lovely – even in the dreary grey of a sunless sky.

Here are a few snaps from our walk.

Believe it or not, these colours are completely real…

And I only slightly doctored this one of the famous view. Well perhaps a bit more than slightly…

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  1. aprol jane haban

    ~ so beautiful place.. I cant imagine how it fell..specially the color of tress so nice,

  2. april jane haban

    `april not aprol hehe

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