I got a bit carried away with my panorama pics this year (made by stitching lots of individual snaps together). Thought I’d post one or two… Click on each image to get the full effect

Here is the view from the wonderful Gardens of Marqueyssac, on a long escarpment overlooking the Dordogne as it meanders past Roque Gageac (on the left) towards Beynac and Castelnaud. A truly heavenly place.

Here is Roque-Gageac itself:

The river flowing through Montignac (the location of a real surprise: an annual Bee festival, during which the whole town gets covered in bizarre oversized flowers made of plastic bags – check it out).

Finally here is the spectacular view from the Chateau de Castelnaud

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  1. Fantastic. We were there a couple of years ago–the gardens and castle are truly spectacular. (My only mistake was calling out ‘Remember Agincourt! Vivent les Anglais!’ from the back of a crowd watching a demonstration of mediaeval arrow making in a castle smithy).

    1. thanks Ian – lucky you didn’t end up in a medieval dungeon…!

  2. it is quite wierd to see my native Périgord on an english-speaking blog

    and you’ll agree with me : it is even more beautiful in real, isn’t it?

    1. main bien sur, mon ami. J’adore le Périgord. C’est magnifique!

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