Just back from a church week away in Bath. What a place. I adore that whole area even though I’ve only visited a few times. It is full of Regency era perfection. Unfortunately, due to the general hecticness of it all, I never actually managed to venture out of the school we were using even once. However, that didn’t stop me looking up.

We go on holiday tomorrow – so normal transmission will not resume for a week or two. Meanwhile… enjoy looking into the sky…

and then there was the sign for Mr Morgan’s Regency coffee and snuff shop which i rather took a fancy to…

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  1. What was the school called?

  2. So, if the two University Christian Unions were to invite you to have the opportunity to explore the city and speak at their meetings you’d be interested?

  3. Ha, I found this a little late — i went to school at Monkton.

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