In these days of uncertainty and schism, we look to our leaders for reassurance and a direction. But matters took an unexpected turn today as the Rector of All Souls caused a significant split in the church – right down the middle in fact.

We had our annual staff day out in the lovely Dulwich park today. All very jolly. But even jollier was the celebration of the Rector’s milestone birthday a month early (I shouldn’t really identify which – let’s just say that he’ll become the proud owner of a free bus pass soon – unless, that is, the coalition government gets on the case).

Anyway – thanks to the genius of Ruth & Tracey, here is his cake from the staff… and the desecreation that followed…

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  1. Jo Harris

    Absolutely fantastic! SUCH a great cake – well done Ruth & Tracey!

  2. Lauri Moyle


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