Was involved today at a great initiative – the EA’s BibleFresh. Krish Kandiah has done a fantastic job spearheading it – and there will be all kinds of different resources developed, gathered and hosted at the BibleFresh site. So keep an eye on it…

For any possibly interested, here is the text of my talk:

The Shock of the Old

I had 3 main points (riffing on Alvin Toffler’s concept of FutureShock):

  • Put off by Ancient Shock: the problem of ‘chronological snobbery’
  • Expecting Ancient Shock: the inevitability of a worldview clash
  • The Hermeneutic of Ancient Shock: spending time with the bible’s strangeness

Videos of this and all the other talks will be available at BibleFresh soon.

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  1. Nexi

    Spouse has just returned from Bible Fresh and says it has been the best one-day conference he has ever been to during long ministries. Excellent event. Will definitely follow this up.

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