OK now for something a little less serious (and by popular demand) – well a couple of chums have asked for my thoughts on the matter. I’ve been sitting on this for a while and only added to it when i have the odd 5 minutes here and there (in case you’re wondering about misspent time).

As a dedicated Macaddict, I’ve loved using the iPhone and cannot find any fault with it whatsoever. It is the perfect geek-gadget. To be sure, I’ve not succumbed to any hype or propaganda at all; I’ve simply taken hold of some of the apps available, all of which I find very useful and integral into making mine a very happy and fulfilled life. And you can too… just by clicking on the images below:


App - Bible App - Skype App - Wikipanion

  1. Bible – there are loads available, but this one has the simplest name (i.e. ‘Bible’), is free and gives access to the most translations. Mainly for online use, but it can store some stuff offline and is easily searchable, which is the primary advantage of eBibles.
  2. Skype – having this on my phone has revolutionised being able to call the family when I’m away but can get to a wifi zone (esp. if using SkypeOut when abroad – FAR cheaper). Fab
  3. Wikipanion – I find myself searching Wikipedia all the time – while always remembering that it is a flawed if brilliant resource. This is a great free app.


App - Twitterlator App - Traffic UK App - Oxf Thesaurus

App - Shakespeare App - CIA world factbook App - keynote remote

  1. Twitterlator Pro – for Twitter addicts this is just great.
  2. Traffic UK – in the absence of a Tom-Tom, this is a very handy means of finding out traffic problems – has got us out of one or two tight spots.
  3. Concise Oxford Thesaurus – much cheaper than the book version – v handy. I’m always looking for the mot juste.
  4. Shakespeare – how about this – the Bard’s ENTIRE output in one app, and it’s completely free and searchable. Ideal for trying to pin down that elusive quotation
  5. 2009 World Factbook – if you like the CIA factbook, this is an ideal resource – it downloads the entire thing to your phone, and then updates it every 2 weeks
  6. Keynote Remote – if you use Keynote (which I do a lot) this is VERY cool – being able to have the presentation, incl next slides and notes on your phone…

Silly but Fun!

App - Shazam App - Morocco App - Paper toss

App - Sheep Launcher App - Moron test App - Lightsaber

App - ECB Cricket App - BlocksClassic

  1. Shazam – I was only introduced to this a month ago – but it is just what I always needed. Can’t place the song you’re listening to? Shazam it, and you’ll find out exactly what it is (and have a link to buy it in iTunes, of course!)
  2. Morocco – just the old game known as Reversi or Othello. Ideal for those idle moments – not that I ever have them of course.
  3. Paper Toss – sit in your office and replicate sitting in an office, throwing paper into a bin. Ideal.
  4. Sheep Launcher – or if you’re bored of throwing paper, try throwing sheep.
  5. Moron Test – the perfect way of establishing categorically who is a moron.
  6. Lightsaber Unleashed – turn your iPhone into a lightsaber – complete with sounds and soundtrack.
  7. ECB Cricket – an incredible app – keep up to date with the scorecard of major county and international matches. Unless it’s England in a 1-day series, that is.
  8. BlocksClassic – mindless but enthralling fun.

Just for Londoners

App - London Tube App - Tube exits App - London jamcams

  1. London Tube Deluxe – fabulous for Londoners – include all TfL’s works updates, so you can check before you travel (it has a companion equivalent for Buses as well)
  2. Tube Exits – ever wondered which was the best tube carriage to get onto for your chosen destination? Some bloke has spent hours figuring it out and put the lot on this app. Awesome.
  3. London JamCams – be your very own Big Brother – links to the main traffic cameras – it’s not live, but only delayed by 5 mins or so. But hey? It’s free.
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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Rebekah Dickinson

    You are so funny. I can’t possibly imagine wanting any of this prefering quill and parchment, but still very funny. I had a friend who had downloaded the BNF (British national formulary) onto a blackberry or some such and was trying to sell it too me. No not convinced but like reading about it.

  2. Marcus Honeysett

    recommend Evernote, Photogene, toodledo, aroundme, facebook, docstogo and golfcard (for golfers, obviously)

  3. Ben Stevenson

    The T-Mobile G1 is better as it is cheaper than the iPhone, has a proper keyboard, and (with new android phones coming out from Samsung, LG, Motorola, etc) will eventually (I believe) have more apps available than the iPhone.
    But apparently it is less stylish.

  4. Heewoo

    lightsaber unleashed? really mark? this post betrays too much… 😉

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