To coincide with the launch of a Quaerentia page totally dedicated to U2, here is this…

You’re going to think I’m completely mad, sad and probably quite dangerous to know after this. But I’ve now done a wordle for each of U2’s studio albums. For those who like these things. They’re quite interesting, really.

Now I know exactly what some people (so-called friends) are going to say to this. Does this man do any work? Well, the answer is actually yes. But I have the sort of brain that needs a lot of things buzzing around at any one time – which is why I always have a few mini-projects on the go to dip into every now in order to sustain concentration on the big things (like writing talks etc). So each one of these took about10 minutes (and most were done during the course of last Friday, the whole of which was spent talk writing). Just so you know. Not that I’m trying to justify myself or anything… that much.

Click the pic to see them individually…


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  1. Mark

    “But I have the sort of brain that needs a lot of things buzzing around at any one time”

    Yes, well, no arguments here.

  2. JamesL

    Great stuff. How did you save the images? I’ve been on and capturing theimage of your wordle doesn’t seem straightforward.

  3. markmeynell

    To Mark, I say, you’re a fine one to talk (yes, we do actually know each other)
    To James, I say, thanks for commenting – you are right that Wordle doesn’t exactly make it easy. But they actually suggest themselves that the easiest thing is to do a screen capture as a jpg or png. You can then do with it as you will…

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