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  • patrick-charlieMeet Patrick the Sharkspotter from Muizenburg, Cape Town – i met him over Christmas. He is the definition of dude. Here he is with my nephew/godson, Charlie (see right).
  • This is amazing – a black and white image that by a trick of the brain looks as thought it’s in full colour. Check it out.
  • classic 1964 review of The Beatles’ arrival in the USA – such scorn and bile: but it’s hilarious now! (HT Jem Hovil)
  • Weird: the Kiwi bra fence. No explanation provided.
  • Go hear for some REALLY bad Puritan poetry. Cunning way to get clemency during the civil war…
  • Can you spot the (presumably non-deliberate) mistake in this photo of Sam Mendes (who, incidentally, actually taught me art when I was 13 and he was on a gap year before university!!) & Kate Winslet (in Vanity Fair)? Click on the photo to find out more…

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  1. Ben Carswell

    Always good to read your posts – the Kiwi bra fence. We actually have a few of them around the country, along with some shoe fences as well. They just seem to take off here for some reason. Along with some unusual signs, they’re part of the mix here in NZ. I’m hoping to post on some of the strange signs we’ve seen since being here.

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