Is this alarmist rhetoric or a salutary lesson from Oregon?

Euthanasia is a tricky one. It is emotive. And it is hard to gain a hearing for theological arguments in a secularising society. But any good case needs a hearing. Whether it is a religious one or not. So a very interesting leader from Saturday’s Telegraph, written by Wesley Smith.

This is how it begins:

Imagine that you have lung cancer. It has been in remission, but tests show the cancer has returned and is likely to be terminal. Still, there is some hope. Chemotherapy could extend your life, if not save it. You ask to begin treatment. But you soon receive more devastating news. A letter from the government informs you that the cost of chemotherapy is deemed an unjustified expense for the limited extra time it would provide. However, the government is not without compassion. You are informed that whenever you are ready, it will gladly pay for your assisted suicide.

Think that’s an alarmist scenario to scare you away from supporting “death with dignity”? Wrong. That is exactly what happened last year to two cancer patients in Oregon, where assisted suicide is legal.

Read the rest here. Also check out the comments: the range is as one would expect…

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