Sacred Treasure

  • Fantastic archive of Don Carson mp3s going back years.
  • Because this is STILL rumbling on, especially now that Christians are going for a more in your face version, here, in case you missed it, a nice little piece from Theos on why the ATHEISM bendy bus adverts are quite a good thing! I have to say that I don’t find the tone of the Christian response very helpful or charitable and completely agree with Dave Keen here (HT to him for this nice development of the theme below)


Topical Treasure

Quirky Treasure

  • Check out Roger Ebert’s hilarious glossary of Movie Terms – full of insights about pervasive movie clichés.
  • DORD: a classic dictionary error – but then as Gove commented, why shouldn’t it mean ‘density’?!
  • Some fascinating church architecture with 20 Unusual Churches here and and 20 More Unusual churches here.
  • Measuring Worth – a cunning site for working out currency equivalents – especially interesting for checking out how much the £ over the last 800 years of British history is with in modern terms. (HT – Andrea Clarke at the British Library)
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  1. Huwie

    Love that bus slogan.
    Thanks for the Don Carson link – good stuff!

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