The Week includes this in its “It Must Be True, I read it in the tabloids” section – so who knows. But I’ve googled and found a few things, including the public court documents so perhaps it is. But the story goes that a chap from a Tennessee church, called Matthew Lincoln, got slain in the Spirit during a service there last year (see left, for our friend Benny Hinn in action to get an idea of the sorts of things we’re on about here). As one would expect (and hope), “catchers” are usually on hand to (er…) catch people who “faint, fall, or otherwise lose control”.

court docs

The minister, Robert Lavala, “slightly touched his forehead”, that was enough apparently -and the poor chap “received the spirit and fell backwards.”

Unfortunately no one was there to catch him. Oops.

He banged his head on the floor and exacerbated a spinal condition. Consequently Matthew Lincoln is now suing the church for $2.5 million (=£1.25 million) for negligence.

Not really sure what to make of this one. What I wonder was the Spirit really up to, if indeed, it was actually the Spirit at work (or am i being far too sceptical). No doubt, the courts will be able to get to the bottom of this one…

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  1. Steve Lawson

    Well well, God knocks ’em down, surely he should catch ’em?

    I’ve got some friends who’ve just come back from Florida, heading over there to ‘catch the fire’ or whatever this year’s hurricane-chasing-revival-monkey phrase is… It all sounds very familiar in a slightly troubling way… So far, so toronto…

    Anyway, you shouldn’t be blogging, you’ve got bass practice to do 😉


  2. Caron

    On Benny Hinn, See: and click on “demo.”

    Justin spoke at my church and comes highly recommended by my pastor, Dr. John MacArthur…

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