Quaerentia has reached 50,000 visitors! A cause for celebration. Thank you all! Thanks for visits, comments and contacts. It makes it all worthwhile.


Please be assured that my own visits to the site don’t count in this at all (as if the thought would ever cross your mind).


Sorry for the radio silence last week – it was one of ‘those’ weeks in a minister’s life where all kinds of unpredictable things happen. I have a few posts in the pipeline for this week so watch this space. And I’m even working on a new(ish) look to celebrate the milestone – due soon.


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You will know of Godwin’s law, I’m sure, whereby the longer an internet discussion countinues, “the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.” So, I’m afraid, the time has come.

One of the most gripping if chilling works of history that I’ve read is one that I find myself returning to a lot these days, despite the fact that it is well over 10 years since I first encountered it (in early research for Wilderness of Mirrors). Sir Ian Kershaw has spent a lifetime researching 20th Century German history and has brought all kinds of profound insights to the anglophone world (including through his mammoth two-volume biography of Hitler).

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  1. Ross

    Congratualtions – or in the language of heaven LLONGYFARCHIADAU!

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