Living in the west end means that it is impossible to escape the latest trends in fashion and retailing. January is of course the key time when shops ditch old styles and make way for the latest looks. Extravagant reductions are offered to lure customers across the threshold.


But wandering past this shop yesterday took my breath away. Not only does their sale bring a reduction in one’s entire wardrobe, by the look of what they leave lying around, amputation (not to mention decapitation) is also actually part of the service. So I’m afraid I couldn’t resist taking a photograph.


Perhaps it is no surprise that the name of this particular chain is GHOST.

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  1. Ross

    I think this window is just a bit of ‘armless fun. But it is good to know that you are trying to keep a-brest of the latest fashion trends, but I think this approach to your wardrobe would be un-bare-able.

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