This morning was one of my favourite kind of days – frosty, clear skies and brilliant sunshine. I’m feeling a bit jetlagged but have to write a talk today for Sunday – so Rachel wisely suggested i go for a quick walk to wake myself up. And it is beautiful out there (London having got down to -2C overnight). I decided to take a few pics with my phone – and thought you might like them (presumption, i know – but that is the blogger’s prerogative).

Have a lovely day.

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  1. Mark

    Walked far then I see?

  2. markmeynell

    it was cold, i walk with a stick, and i thought this view just looked photoable. satisfied?

  3. Mark

    It is indeed a good photo, so I’ll let you off.

  4. aporia24

    Those are such beautiful scenes!

  5. davegroberts

    Thanks for the great pics that remind me of the many years I spent in London and at All Souls… I look forward to downloading the sermon/talk and hearing what you have to say… Keep up the good work for the faith…

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